Order process

Within the online FoodConnX shop, customers can view, check, select and add all available products to their virtual shopping cart. As soon as a customer has reached a minimum order quantity of €300,= , it becomes possible to complete the order, select a suitable shipping method and pay. The total amount of the order can be easily checked during shopping, as this is displayed next to the shopping cart at the top right of the website.

FoodConnX offers a number of different shipping methods to try and meet the various needs of our customers. Depending on the destination and the order quantity, one or more shipping methods will be offered during checkout.

After selecting a shipping method the customer will be able to pay and the order will be placed. The customer will then receive the conformation of the order including pro forma invoice via email. This is also the start of the fulfilment process at our IFS certified warehouse. When the order is picked, packed and ready for shipment, the customer will be informed and will receive the actual invoice via email.

Country / regionFree shipping from
Austria€ 4.000,=
Belgium€ 2.000,=
Denmark€ 3.250,=
North France€ 3.750,=
Central France€ 4.000,=
South France€ 5.000,=
North-West Germany€ 3.500,=
South-East Germany€ 4.000,=
North Italy€ 4.000,=
Luxembourg€ 3.250,=
the Netherlands€ 1.750,=
South Sweden€ 3.500,=
Central Sweden€ 4.000,=
All otherNot yet available

Shipping methods

To make sure all customers throughout Europe have the opportunity to get our products, we offer several shipping options. Depending on the order quantity and possible shipping address, available shipping options will be shown during checkout and can be selected prior to payment. Note that all orders are delivered on pallets by international truck transport.

Order pick up (Ex Works)

One of the options which is always available, is to collect the order from our warehouse based on Ex Works Incoterms. When this form of shipping is selected, the customer will be contacted after placing the order to schedule the collection.

Order shipped (DAP)

For most destinations in Europe, FoodConnX has agreements with its logistics partner, which makes it possible to offer shipment of the orders at a very competitive price. The costs for the shipping offered during checkout are transparent and include surcharges. This shipping service is based on DAP Incoterms.

Free shipment (DAP)

Depending on the delivery address and the order quantity, it is in some cases even possible that FoodConnX delivers the order for free. As with the previous shipping method, this type of shipment is based on DAP Incoterms. In the table it is shown per country/region from which order quantity (euro) we deliver for free.