Payment methods


To ensure that customers have sufficient margin to run their own B2C business, FoodConnX strives to offer the best products for the most competitive prices. It is therefore vital to fulfill all it services as lean as possible, including payment service. To make this possible, customers must pay in advance and a minimum order quantity has been set. The moment enough products have been added to the order and the type of shipment has been selected, customers can complete their order by paying with one of the many online payment options offered.


FoodConnX takes the privacy of its customers and security of payments very seriously. That is why all payments are done via a secured internet connection making sure all data is encrypted.

Payment options

To allow customers to pay in their own trusted environment, FoodConnX offers multiple online payment options and is continuously working on adding new ones. Below is an overview of all the payment options currently offered.


Customers can pay with the most known creditcards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Worldwide, most online purchases are paid by creditcard. Cardholders can make purchases on credit and later, usually at the end or beginning of the month, pay back the entire amount they spent during the month.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is Apple’s proprietary payment method, available in more than 35 countries for all Apple users. It uses the Wallet-app, in which the user places their payment cards. The actual payment method therefore depends on the cards that are placed in the Wallet. Currently only creditcards are supported. The Wallet knows all the details and preferences of the different cards. Payment is completed with a fingerprint or face scan.


PayPal is the most widely used online wallet worldwide, with more than 370 million active users and available as a payment method in 202 countries. PayPal allows customers to link their creditcard information or bank account to their PayPal account, or to add balance to their account. When paying for a purchase, payment is made with only the email address and password of the PayPal account and no further personal or financial information has to be handed over, making it a very secure payment method.


iDEAL is the most used payment method in the Netherlands. At least 60% of Dutch shoppers use it to pay for their online purchases.


Bancontact is a Belgian payment system and with over 15 million cardholders the Belgian market leader in online payments. More than 80% of Belgian webshops already accept Bancontact as an online payment method.


SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area and was introduced by the European Council to simplify payment transactions in Europe. With SEPA transfers can be made from any European payment account to any other European payment account. The amount can be transferred very easily via internet banking. SEPA credit transfers are supported in 34 countries.

SOFORT Banking

SOFORT Banking is a European payment method that allows payments and donations to be made without customers having to create additional accounts. Costumers log in to SOFORT Banking with the data they use to log in to their own online banking environment. From here they can transfer money directly from their own checking account.


Giropay is a payment method for bank transfers in Germany. Bank transfer is the most popular way to pay online in Germany. It is used in 51% of all online purchases. Giropay, which is linked to 1,500 German banks, is therefore a very popular payment method on the German market. Since it works with real-time transfers, the payments made with Giropay are 100% guaranteed.


Przelewy24 is the most widely used payment method in Poland. Przelewy24 enables online payments for Polish customers via a large number of Polish banks, international creditcards and various other payment methods. In Poland, bank transfer is the most popular way to pay online, 80-90% of online payments are made through some form of bank transfer. In order to facilitate as many customers as possible in this, Przelewy24 offers support for 165 Polish banks. Payments via Przelewy24 are guaranteed and confirmed immediately, so the payment cannot be reversed by the customer.

KBC/CBC Payment

KBC/CBC Payment is an online payment method for customers of KBC and CBC, together the largest bank in Belgium. The bank offer their customers a payment button with which they can pay quickly and easily online. Via the KBC/CBC Payment Button, customers pay for their online purchases from their own trusted online banking environment. Payments are processed immediately and are guaranteed when paid.

Belfius Direct Net

Belfius is one of the largest banks in Belgium. With the Belfius Pay Button, the bank provides its customers with their own payment solution. Consumers with a Belfius account can use the Belfius Pay Button to make direct payments from Belfius Direct Net, the online banking product of Belfius, or via the app. Payments made via the Belfius Pay Button are guaranteed and cannot be reversed by the customer.


Bank transfers are the most widely used payment method within Austria. EPS is the most popular payment method for bank transfers in Austria. Customers like to use the payment method, because it is an initiative of the Austrian banks and government.