Sun & Seed

Sun & Seed is where you come for 100% pure, certified organic, ethically sourced, raw nut & seed, gluten free products and fruit goodness. Our story starts in 2004, on a small family farm that grew pumpkins and sunflowers. Today we make our range from a huge selection of finest quality, ethically grown nuts, seeds, pulses and fruits, and we still work with growers whose organic farming methods have a minimal environmental impact. We always strive to use growers closer to home and the majority of our product range is grown in Europe.

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We are consciously creating plant based products that use just natural & organic ingredients, we care about their quality and the sourcing and we are constantly looking for the best and the most sustainable.

We have researched and created a series of Gluten Free flour mixes and products that meet gluten free specifications and organic standards together with the need of texture and flavour.