Mamuko trademark was developed in 2012 and covers organic multigrain porridge mixes that are a perfect choice for babies from 4 months of age. Mamuko unique, healthy, and tasty porridges were quickly recognized by Lithuanian parents and their toddlers. That is why now Mamuko porridges are in the 1 place in the organic porridges category for babies and covering 60 % of the Lithuanian market (Based on Nielsen Consumer LLC 2022 report “Baby cereals organic trade in Lithuania 2022”).

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Mamuko exclusive organic baby porridges

  • For babies from 4 months of age
  • Recipes have been developed in cooperation with paediatricians and gastroenterologists
  • Made only from organic, carefully selected grains from the best European farms
  • The products are not treated at high temperature and pressure – not extruded, not instant
  • No added sugar, no milk, no preservatives, no additives
  • Special patented technology helps the porridges to preserve plenty of natural nutrients, minerals, and vitamins
  • Vegan
  • Products are very nutritious
  • The Mamuko porridges are perhaps the only baby porridges in the world that need to be cooked…but just 3-5 minutes

Working together with gastroenterologists and paediatricians we created our own method of processing grains, preserving all the natural nutrients and ending up with the healthiest product possible.

Considering that our products are for the littlest ones, the grains we source are only of the highest grade. We do not settle with anything less than premium materials, constantly sourcing and putting grains we get up to the test.

Mamuko porridges are high quality, very nutritious, no added sugar, no milk, no preservatives. The products are not treated at high temperature and pressure – not extruded, not instant.

In terms of preserving all valuable nutrients of the organic grain, Mamuko porridges need to be boiled for just 3-5 min.
In our assortment, we have 10 exclusive organic porridges (3 – from 4+ months, 5 – from 6+ months, 2 – from 12+ months).