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(R)etail chain

FoodConnX is the dedicated European food distributor for numerous food brands. We work with local Sales Partners to make sure we can respond properly to the different wants and needs throughout Europe and can act lean and quickly towards all (r)etailers. In addition, due to close cooperation with a logistics multinational, we can deliver quickly and easily throughout Europe.

Check our brand page, let us know you’re interested and one of our Sales Partners will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

Why only offer unique and beautiful food products to one location or channel. Unlike most distributors, Foodconnx offers its products throughout Europe and to both physical and e-commerce stores. Thanks to the high-tech infrastructure that we have set up with experience and known multinationals, we can store, fulfill, handle and deliver both large and small quantities quickly and easily.

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following brands.

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We supply your store... and more

FoodConnX is your European food distributor. We supply B2C retail chains, e-commerce shops, and other food related businesses across Europe with a wide range of food products, which are easily ordered directly from our platform. Your order will be fulfilled in our IFS ans SKAL certified warehouse, placed on pallets, and distributed using our own logistics network. 

There is no need to order large quantities of the same product; making it possible for you to optimize your inventory levels. We also provide our customers with marketing information and product images that can be used on their websites, and make them accessible through our easy to use platform. And, our sales department and back-office is staffed by experienced food professionals, who will provide you with professional support for all your needs.

Our biggest competitive advantage, which sets us apart from other solutions is that our mutual customers take advantage of having: One order – One invoice – One contact – Hundreds of products, shipped to you on customized mixed pallets of mixed products and brands.

Brand owner

E-commerce has been growing rapidly over the past decade. Keeping up with demand, maintaining high quality, and being able to supply the low order volumes required by smaller retailers can be a challenge for brand owners. It is also, almost impossible for smaller retailers to access the biggest and best brands for their customers, because of this. We pride ourselves in solving that problem by being specialists in the world of B2B e-commerce; which is why we have created this easy to use platform where European B2C customers can place an order for your goods, where you can see real-time results and stock levels, and where we share the sales and after-sales data with you. 

Your products will be stored in our IFS certified warehouse, where the fulfilment and logistics of the orders also takes place. Our experienced food sales team, as well as our aftersales team will proactively push your products. Our biggest competitive advantage, which sets us apart from other solutions is that our mutual customers take advantage of having: One order – One invoice – One contact, and access to thousands of web shops and other retailers who benefit from our ability to customize pallets of mixed goods which include your brand. Contact us and make sure you have no more fear of missing out!

About us

To meet the needs of your customers, it is important to be able to offer a wide range of attractive food products at a competitive price. What if webstores could order their full range of food products, in one order, without having to purchase entire pallets of each product?

With our fulfilment service, we make it possible for webstores to order a multitude of different food products in small quantities, thus keeping their logistical costs low. This ensures that they can reduce inventory levels, improve their cash flows, and carry a broader range of products.